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Soil-Blocker – Extended Coverage – Fluoropolymer, Water Based Carpet & Furniture Protector

• Concentrated Fluoropolymer water based formula, which bonds tenaciously to the fiber – even through several cleaning cycles. Wet and Dry protection in the high 90-percentile range. “Notable oil, soil, alcohol and water resistance. Will withstand numerous cleanings and is quite resistant to abrasion.” Extended coverage is attained by applying it correctly. Safe to use on ALL fabrics not harmed by water. Ready-To-Use and applies as easily as solvent protectors.

• Coverages: Carpet - Low Pile Commercial - Up to 2000 SF per Gallon
Thick Pile Residential - 1000 to 1200 SF per Gallon
Average Coverage – 1200 to 1500 SF per Gallon
Furniture - Couch 16 Oz. to 24 Oz. depending upon fabric
Chair 8 Oz. to 12 Oz. depending upon fabric

• The application of Soil-Blocker to any fabric is the critical step in controlling re-wetting, and decreasing the drying time dramatically from other water based protectors which tend to excessively re-wet fabric. You apply only 2/3 of a gallon of Soil Blocker to 1000 SF. With competitor’s products, you may apply as much as 5 gallons to 1000 SF. A power sprayer is the preferred application device. A minimum of 30 lbs. of sustained pressure through a number 8001 T-jet tip should be used. Pre-measuring the correct amount for every job will maintain accuracy, quality, and lower drying times.

• Chance for Color Bleeding? - ALWAYS pretest first, in particular with furniture fabrics.

• Drying times will vary depending upon the cleaning method used, and the skill of the technician in leaving the fabric as dry as possible during the cleaning process. Outside weather conditions, and indoor humidity conditions will also play a part in drying times. Airflow should be accelerated by running the furnace fan. Most fabrics should be “touch dry” within 1 – 2 hours under “normal” conditions. This time frame will ordinarily satisfy most customers. IF DRYING TIMES ARE A CRITICAL ISSUE FOR YOUR CUSTOMER, we highly recommend that you use HBCC’s Solvent Based Protector, which will speed the drying time significantly.

• “It Smells So Clean” is a common exclamation of customers because they have been taught by the laundry soap manufacturers to equate fragrance with cleanliness. The judicious use of fragrance enhances your ability to please the customer – and, separates you from the pack. Soil-Blocker is offered with 7 great fragrances: Vanilla-Coconut, Ginger Snap, Razzberry, Lemon, Orange, Peach, and Melon. We recognize that many customers may prefer NO fragrance, and Soil Blocker is available unfragranced for fragrance sensitive customers.

• Soil-Blocker has a shelf life of up to 2 years depending upon storage arrangements. Soil blocker is sensitive to extremes of both heat and cold, so storage in your van, or a storage area needs to be monitored for temperature extremes. We do not ship Soil blocker in extreme cold temperature situations in winter months.

Hard Ball Chemical Company is extremely proud of Soil Blocker, which has become our Number 1 product. Soil Blocker, like all of our chemical line, is produced from the carpet cleaning mentality, rather than the manufacturing mentality, and you – the end user, are the primary beneficiary.

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